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Mother and daughter writing team Janet and Laura Greenwald have been helming The Next of Kin Education Project since 2002.  NOKEP began after Janís mother Elaine died at the hands of a Chicago hospital due to massive negligence. To them the worst part was, that the hospital failed to notify them that Elaine had even been hospitalized for days.    

By the time they were notified, they couldnít get to her in time and Elaine died unnecessarily and alone.  After finding out there were no laws in Illinois or California that made next of kin notification mandatory, duo authored and enacted three pieces of healthcare legislation in both states.      

Laura and Jan later created the Seven Steps to Successful Notification System providing quick, easy next of kin notification for trauma patients in hospitals like Dallasí Methodist Medical Center.   

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Creating a Next of Kin Notification Program
What if you could locate your critically injured patientís next of kin and medical history quickly and easily? What if there was as a simple plan you could use to reduce liability and increase patient safety in Seven Steps? Now there is!
Next of Kin Laws
Three laws protecting patients and hospitals in two states.  Find out what's next.
NOKEP Milestones
Ten years.  Amazing milestones.  It's been quite a journey!  See where we've come from, as we work to improve patient safety and rollout our disaster prep system to families all over the world.
Facing A Disaster?  Go Here First!
Facing a Tornado? Hurricane? Earthquake? Flood? Wildfire? Get prepared for specific emergencies FAST! Free Videos & Downloads.
Watch Leeza Gibbons, Stefanie Powers, Josh Taylor & Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. speaking on behalf of the Next of Kin Laws & Learn How to protect your family in nearly any kind of disaster.
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Off to college? Know someone who is? Learn how not to lose your stuff, your self or your kid in the process. Get ready in one afternoon.
Donít Lose All Your Stuff in a Hurricane!
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Disaster Products
Donít be caught unprepared!  Get the best rated disaster kits, portable hard drives, TVs, flashlights and everything else you need to be ready for nearly any emergency.
Media Coverage
News clippings, videos and other NOKEP coverage.
The Answer Series
All our products.  One Page.  Get help quick.
Read our latest articles on disaster, patient & family safety.
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